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Enjoy the flexability with "Fuel Flex"

Our Flex Fuel E85 upgrade systems could save you money on your fuel budget and maintenance on your vehicle.
Once installed on your vehicle, you will be able to use E85 ethanol or Gasoline.

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The Advantages

Simple Installation

Our Flex Fuel E85 upgrade systems (kits) are ready to use, all that is needed is connect the system to your injector connectors and hook up the ground wire.

Possible Economy

Drive with E85 ethanol, you could realize an average saving of 12% on your fuel budget.

International Experience

We do business in 46 countries around the world and have been selected as the standard for quality of ethanol upgrade systems.

Assistance and Advice

In case you have questions or need advice on the choice of your ethanol upgrade system, we are here to help you. (208-870-4332)

Choose your kit

Simple & Fast Installation

1 - Find the location of your injectors

To install your future Flex Fuel E85 kit, you must first find the location of your injectors. Generally, the injectors are easily accessible on most vehicles and this does not require special skills in automobile mechanics. The injectors are positioned at the base of the injection rail closest to the cylinder head. FYI, the boom and injectors are always positioned opposite the exhaust manifold. If in doubt do not hesitate to contact us, we will accompany you...

2 - Plug in your Fuel Flex connectors

Once the location of your injectors found, it will be necessary to determine the type of connector. To do this, disconnect the battery, then a connector from your injector. Observe the shape of the male connector, as well as the female connector that corresponds to the injector and compare them to our different injectors connectors. Once the model is determined, all that remains is to select the type of connector for your kit. Namely, if you do not find the right type of connector, it is possible that your vehicle is equipped with an incompatible injection system (Direct Injection) or because it is not standard injector connector. (Visit

3 - Drive to ethanol

Once your E85 upgrade system is installed, you can refuel with E85 ethanol. However, it is best to change fuel gradually and make a full tank with 25% E85 ethanol for your first full tank. Subsequently, you can fill your tank with 50% E85, then 75% on the next and finally 100% E85 ethanol E85. This will progressively clean up your injection system and avoid potential engine operation problems during conversion. Noted that it is best to replace or clean the fuel filter after your first full 100% E85 ethanol, at least have it checked depending on the amount of miles on your vehicle..

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About Fuel Flex

The only US made E85 Ethanol upgrade system on the market. We developed it and handle all the updates. Don’t be confused by cheap knock-offs. Call us now! 208 870 4332. Declare your independence today! Contact us or one of our Dealers today. Contact Fuel Flex International, LLC today about investment and dealer opportunities. Strike...

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Suggestions To Prepare For Installation & FAQ’s Checking your injector connectors. IT is imperative to verify the type of injector your vehicle has.Will this affect my auto warranty? Read what the FTC has to say about the federal warranty Law: Here FFI is the only conversion upgrade company that not only offers a 5 year limited warranty on...

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Customer Comments

The following are just a few examples of what people are saying about installing and using the one and only FFI PlatinumTM with cold start. Don’t settle for a copy!! “Support made in America products” Auto, Truck and RV Application Comments Thanks Alex & Gary: Runs like a top. The first tank was nearly all...

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A propos de Fuel Flex

Créé aux USA en 1989, le système Fuel Flex est à la pointe de la technologie. Il permet à 99% des véhicules essences munis d’un système d’injection indirect de rouler au Super-Éthanol E85. Le système Fuel Flex appelé également Flex Fuel est un boîtier électronique, incorporant une interface de haute technologie 100% automatique qui lui...

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